Your Bizzare Adventure – How to beat the Storyline – Number 1 Easy Guide!

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YBA Storyline Tutorial:

  • 1. You will spawn near Boungiorno Brovanna when you join Your Bizzare Adventure (YBA) for the first time. Talk to him and he will give you a quest to kill 5 cops. After doing so he will give you a Stand Arrow. You can use it by upgrading your Worthiness in the menu.
  • 2. Talk to Boungiorno Brovanna again and he will tell you to deliver Koechee’s Suitcase to Koechee.
  • 3. After giving Koechee’s suitcase to him, he will tell you to thank Boungiorno Brovanna.
  • 4. When you have arrived to the 2nd Boungiorno Brovanna NPC, talk to him and he will tell you to kill Leaky Eye Luke.
  • 5. After killing Leaky Eye Luke, talk to Boungiorno Brovanna again. He will tell you to kill Bruce Brunorati.
  • 6. After killing Bruce Brunorati, go talk to him, Bruce Brunorati NPC is located near Koechee.
  • 7. After talking to Bruce Brunorati, he will give you a Lighter. Deliver the lighter to the 3rd Boungiorno Brovanna NPC.
  • 8. After giving the 3rd Boungiorno Brovanna NPC the lighter, he will tell you to go meet the crew.
  • 9. The first one you need to meet is Pancake Fog. He is located near the arcade.
  • 10. After talking to Pancake Fog, you need to meet Guider Mister (Important note: When talking to him, do not select 4 when he asks you what is 2+2, select “I don’t know” instead or you will get killed by him.)
  • 11. After talking to Guider Mister, you need to meet Naranya Jirga.
  • 12. After meeting Naranya Jirga, the last one you must meet is Leone Abbachio.
  • 13. After meeting Leone Abbachio, he will tell you to meet the 2nd Bruce Brunorati NPC.
  • 14. After talking to the 2nd Bruce Brunorati NPC, he will send you to Trisha Uno (To talk to Trisha uno, you need 5000$. You can get money by finding items around the map and selling them to ShiftPlox, The Travelling Merchant.)
  • 15. After talking to Trisha Uno, she will tell you to beat Pancake Fog (Located near Train Station)
  • 16. After beating Pancake Fog, return to Trisha Uno, she will tell you to beat Pepsi (Located on the Train Station Rails).
  • 17. After beating Pepsi, return to Trisha Uno once again and she will tell you to beat the last boss, Ice Cube (Located at the end of the Train Station).
  • 18. After beating Ice Cube, talk to 2nd the Guider Mister NPC located near Ice Cube.
  • 19. After talking to Guider Mister, go to the Castle and talk to Bruno.
  • 20. After talking to Bruno, climb the castle and talk to the 3rd Boungiorno Brovanna located at the top of the castle.
  • 21. After talking to Boungiorno Brovanna, beat Deovolo (You can get some friends to help you but you need to do the most damage to him in order to beat him).
  • 22. After beating Deovolo talk to Boungiorno Brovanna again. He will reward you with a Requiem Arrow that you can use on Star Platinum, Golden Experience, Silver Chariot, King Crimson or Killer Queen.


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