How to get better in ZOぞ [Beginner’s Guide]

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2021)

Hello there! in this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to get better at ZOぞ. That means teaching you Techniques and Movement needed in the game.

First of all, I’m going to teach you the Basic Techniques needed, these Techniques are usually already known throughout the ZOぞ Community and within the game as well.

ZOぞ Controls

These are the Controls for ZOぞ

  • 1 for Equipping Weapon
  • Q for Emotes
  • R for Dash
  • E for Interacting [At the Shrine and Changing Weapons]
  • Shift for Sprint [Only when Weapon is Unequipped]
  • LMB for Attack
  • RMB for Block

ZOぞ Basic Techniques

Fast Block: Fast block literally means a “Fast block.” This is acquired by Pressing 1 first then Right Click with speed. This can save you from Surprise attacks from above, ground, etc. [Be sure to Always practice this]

Dash Attack: Dash attack is acquired by Dashing then Attacking, this Technique is best suited for the [Naginata] Weapon as it is long range and can sometimes get the advantage over Katana and Kanabo users.

Spin Attack: By attacking and spinning at the same time, your Hitbox can get dragged around resulting to a Spin Attack. These are usually used by Beginners [In my experience] when using Katana and Kanabo. [Note that, on the 4th strike of the Katana; There’s a spin.]

These are most of the basic techniques used out there, they can be very powerful if used properly and if you practiced hard. You can also combine some of these by jumping, running, etc.

ZOぞ Movements

Now you might think that “As long as I can learn techniques I can get stronger, right?” Well, you’re half wrong. You see, movements are essential to ZOぞ Players, especially to the Professionals, you might’ve already seen some players that are running around in circles with a naginata then jumping and killing their opponents, right? Or you might’ve already seen someone with a Kanabo with their Dash and Jump attack. Those players are experienced who uses every mechanic they can to win. These are the effects of the Movements:

Running: Running for some players are advantageous especially for Naginata users. Running can get you close with the opponents then killing them. This works by rushing towards them, Jump to their backs, then killing them. A simple technique in which is used by many players.

Dashing: Dashing is essential for Katana users on their 4th Strike, by utilizing Dashing; you can dash to the opponent’s back then killing them with a Spin. This is also used by Professionals to kill quickly. You can also utilize Dashing by jumping at the same time [Dashing comes first].

Jumping: By jumping, you can avoid some of the attacks that your opponent throws, jumping is essential for Kanabo players as the weapon is Slow but deals a decent amount of damage.

By using and utilizing these three, you can create a suitable technique for yourself in order to survive. Using these three can also intimidate your opponent thinking your a good player and weakening them.

If you want to get better and be a Professional one day, practice these Techniques and Advices that I gave you. I wish you luck.

This is all from me, thank you for reading 😀

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